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Nightlife in Thailand

Nightlife in Thailand

To all the party loving TEFL trainees, nightlife in Thailand has a lot to offer and can prove to be varied, fanciful and full of enjoyment. From exotic thrill to street shopping, Thailand has the best of everything. Explore the cultural diversity and traditional martial arts performances during your night tours, and don’t forget about the lip-smacking Thai cuisine available at every nook and corner of Thailand.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at 5 places worth mentioning in Thailand for you to enjoy.

Pattaya Walking Street: A street that is filled with beautiful people and clubs adorned with neon lights, The Walking Street is located at the heart of Pattaya and is the biggest, busiest and craziest street in whole of Thailand.
Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan: When the moon is in its full glory, Koh Phangan is the place to go to celebrate it. With one of the most happening parties, Haad Rin beach lights up with throngs of individuals partying every full moon night throughout the year.
Beach Clubs and Sunset Bars, Phuket: Phuket’s beach side, recognized for its amazing sunset bars and beach clubs, is the place one is supposed to be when the sun sets. With decent music and trendy bars, the night becomes a celebration.
Muay Thai Live at Asiatique: Muay Thai at Asiatique Bangkok offers a stunning theatrical show merging entertaining performances along with ancient martial art of Muay Thai boxing. It is enjoyed by individuals from any backgrounds and provides an exciting insight into the Thai culture.
Koh Phi Phi, Party Island: It is a party island with ample number of beach bars and amazing pubs for the party freaks. The island is actually one large night club with loads of drinks and area to roam around and dance the night away.

The TESOL aspirants can find Thailand to be an ideal place to make their nights sparkling, spirited and cheerful. Top nightlife destinations of Thailand include Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi - where you can afford to steal some time from the TEFL program and indulge in some fun and frolic.

On a more general note, Thailand is packed with its quota of unruly clubs and hedonists. TESOL trainees can also find the famous Go-Go bars complete with exotic shows and pole dancing and a broad spectrum of night-time activities that will appeal to every TEFL teacher. Thais are known for live music and all those who come here for the TESOL course in Thailand can listen to it in a number of settings from hotel lobbies to lively pubs. In general, the pubs are usually English or American style and full of tourists and expats. They enjoy draught beer here with their favourite food.

Pattaya attracts a great deal of TESOL candidates from all over the world for its vivacity and ceaselessness of entertaining activities. Pattaya is the most vibrant centre among sundowners; bars, go-go bars, restaurants, night markets, discos and all kinds of entertainment are all on hand. After sunset, you can find colourful neon light signs that brighten Pattaya up and chase the nocturnal curtain which envelopes the city away. Bangkok is notorious for the night scene and if you are looking for a vibrating pulse of activity then Bangkok will surely not disappoint. Bangkok is quickly establishing itself as Asia's No. 1 entertainment hub. The city offers good jazz clubs, cool bars and trendy restaurants. It is trying hard to shed off its naughty and raunchy nightlife image.
Patpong has never got its due from the foreign TESOL tourists. It has always been touted as a place of sleaze and an overpriced night market. But the reality is that Patpong has spruced up to position itself on the Bangkok map with a new age bars, clubs and restaurants.

In addition to the aforementioned locations, the TESOL Trainees should not forget that Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi and other smaller cities and resort areas throughout the country also offer their own unique brand of night activity and needs to be experienced by anyone here for a TESOL Course.
Sounds tempting, right? So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set off for Thailand on the pretext of doing the onsite TESOL course in Thailand offered by Asian College of Teachers.

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