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Asia is undoubtedly the world’s largest TEFL market and the most sought-after destination for TEFL aspirants - with excellent opportunities for both fresh and experienced English teachers. Many Asian countries offers good remuneration as there is a great demand for Foreign/Second language English teachers. Countries like - Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, South Korea and Indonesia offer the best prospects to EFL/ESL teachers while Japan and Korea not only offer a great salary but the EFL/ESL teachers there also receive many other fringe benefits like return airfare, free accommodation, and insurance and health coverage.

Asia is the biggest continent in the world that combines a huge population, an inherent commitment for education and extensive economic prosperity along with being noteworthy for its diversity and richness in culture and heritage. These aspects make it, by far, the largest market on the globe for English language teaching. .

There are many unusual historical sites and picturesque locations in Asia that captivate the tourists and beckon them to visit the orient in droves. Asian countries are also making inroads into world economy and have realized the pivotal role English plays in the world of trade and commerce. This has resulted in an ever-rising demand for TEFL certified teachers in Asia. The prospects are brilliant for teachers of English in Asia.

Features of TEFL Jobs in Asia

  • While teaching English in South Korea, teachers can typically save between 10000-15000 USD a year after all the expenses. While Japan, Taiwan, China & Vietnam are countries where teachers can save from 5000-8000 USD annually (often higher in China). There are decent opportunities to make & save some extra money in Thailand as well.
  • Generally, A 4-year degree is obligatory for teaching English in Asian countries. However, anyone who doesn’t have a 4-year degree may find excellent opportunities in countries such as Cambodia. Being a native speaker has its own perks, but non-native speakers are also sure to find excellent opportunities as well.
  • Teaching positions in some countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China, are often secured over interviews in advance from your home country, so most teachers are likely to have an ESL job lined up before arriving in the country.
  • Asia is undoubtedly the largest and generally the most well-paid region in the world for teaching English aspirants. So, if you are willing to have a fantastic international experience with the opportunities to earn and save money, you need to consider Asia.

An ESL career in Asia will enable the teachers to learn more about the mystical cultures of the land that vary with each country. They can taste different kinds of cuisines, meet friendly people, enjoy beautiful landscapes and architectural masterpieces and all these will entice them to take up placements in Asia.

Teachers who are teaching English in Asia will need to teach learners of various age groups ranging from kids to adult professionals. The task of teaching will be quite challenging as, in most of the countries, the level of English is below average in most Asian countries, thus resulting in a huge demand for certified professionals. The teachers will find job opportunities in private and public schools, institutes, language schools and also in corporate offices to train their employees.

The ESL teachers in some Asian countries like Korea and Japan receive excellent remuneration. The other nations also pay handsome salary to the teachers and also provide free accommodation at times. The remuneration is sufficient to indulge in travelling across the host country. The contracts for teachers teaching in Asian countries is quite country specific and it is possible to land both short term and long-term jobs in Asia.

The ESL teachers can find employment in the various language schools that are rapidly growing in countries across Asia. Conversational English is the prime focus in these language institutes. Generally, the private schools organize English summer camps for young learners and training sessions for adults in corporate offices. English instructors have to spend between 100 to 120 hours a month in these institutes.

So, at a glance, English teaching aspirants choose to work in:

Public schools: The native English speakers find steady employment in the public schools. The teaching jobs in the schools are limited between 22 to 30 hours.

Universities: TEFL teachers are also needed to teach at the university level.

Private Tutoring: You can also choose to be a private tutor in some countries, for some extra income. Private tutors having TEFL qualification or certification generally visit the students at their homes during evening to assist them develop certain skills or to work on their language-weaknesses. Native English speaking teachers are recruited by organizations like Peace Corps, Volunteer Service Overseas in the UK and other NGOs. Many church and religious organizations also sponsor ESL teachers to teach the poor destitute children.

There is no dearth of opportunities for eligible teachers to find lucrative placements in Asia.



Diploma in International TESOL Program

Oman, Muscat

Again, after my PPTTC, pursuing TESOL was an incredible experience. The course and its contents are just accurate and involves explicit learning. I would also love if the Institute makes unlimited access for their students to the videos related to their respective course. Overall a great experience and I will always be looking forward to learn something new from ACT and keep upgrading my knowledge.



Post Graduate Diploma in International TESOL Program

Abu Dhabi

My experience was really good in these 7 months. I got to know various teaching aspects how to deal with young learners and autism kids and learning Business English was quiet helpful to me. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from all of your constructive input and guidance throughout each lesson of the course. You have helped me to understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie, and what areas of my answering questions I need to pay attention to. Thank you for getting my assignments back to me as promptly as you have, and thank you for making this course so enjoyable.



Certificate in International TESOL Program


The TESOL English language certification course from the Asian College of Teachers was comprehensive and well structured. It has given me a very solid grounding in teaching English both online and at language schools. I am working as an online teacher with Amazing Talkers and have also applied to Wall Street English to teach in Bangkok where I live.

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